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ED-T provides Customer Care and Integration Solutions to the content delivery and telco industries; developing tools and solutions focussed on business optimisation, customer relationship and operational excellence.

We assist communication service providers (CSPs) to optimise their business by providing solutions with flexible features to compete in a real-time personalised world, add functionality to existing operations, improve billing processes and enable continuous improvements. Solutions that do not replace current investments but allow gradual changes with minimal risks with “pay as you grow” models and no hidden costs.

Operational excellence is achieved by improving productivity and cross-functional cohesion. ED-T gives the CSPs optimum control, modular growth and provides flexibility in their business while at the same time minimising operational downtime, with rapid deployment and extensive support.

Sustainable and optimal customer relationship is achieved by providing solutions to improve relations, increase sales and marketing effectiveness and provides tools to maximise revenue streams, with swift time-to-market.


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