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In the early years of this millennium, the founders of EnterpriseData-Technologies developed an integration server to facilitate change management in the back-office of a broadcast operation, where changes have to be dealt with in very short timeframes. These changes range from a change over from one conditional access system to another, to adding additional customer databases or integrating new services.

In the following years it further developed the integration server into the ISR-II® which has been upgraded to the ISR-III® in 2008. It offers seamless integration of all back office systems and makes all customer related information centrally available. The integration server has been proving its worth for well over 5 years in dynamic and change intensive environments.

The company EnterpriseData-Technologies was established to offer integration solutions and services to digital tv operators and service providers. In addition to ISR-III®, the product portfolio was extended with other products and services to increase productivity and secure the revenues and investments of operators and service providers.

Examples of the products and services of EnterpriseData-Technologies are:

  • the integration server ISR-III®;
  • the subscriber management system SUMS-II®;
  • Added functionalities to ISR-III® such as reporting and business rule engine tools;
  • Hosted services in an ASP-model;
  • Support services.

Today, EnterpriseData-Technologies is a leading provider of integration and customer care solutions and services to digital tv operators and service providers.


EnterpriseData-Technologies B.V.
P.O. Box 57
4180 BB Waardenburg
The Netherlands

T: +31 418 841 664


Chamber of Commerce Rivierenland 11070539.

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