Service providers tend to focus on their network and technology with good reason; most of the investment in resources, money and people, is put to good use in getting the infrastructure defined, purchased, installed and managed.

However, the infrastructure is the means by which the services are delivered, in itself it doesn't produce any revenues nor does it define the business.

The systems surrounding the infrastructure however do. Supporting systems such as CRM, Billing, Customer Portals, Product/Service Management, Order Management, Logistics, Dispatch, Help Desk etc all define the services provided to the customer. All are crucial in maximizing revenues, maximizing customer loyalty, minimizing operational cost.

We like to look at this as being "Revenue Management" and this is where ED-T's Consultancy offering focuses on: understanding the business of the operator, defining the business processes, defining the requirements for BSS solutions, implementing BSS solutions and if required provide operational management during the roll-out and start of the services.

We recognize the fact that ED-T also provides (partial) BSS solutions for tier 2, 3 and 4 operators. You might see that as a conflict of interest. In our eyes however the software solutions always come second or third, it is the business process that is leading whatever software solution is chosen.


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