Data Unification Solution DUS

ED-T’s Data Unification Solution DUS-I

Current networks typically have several subscriber repositories. In many cases, subscriber provisioning takes place via different provisioning points in multiple local, regional, national and international geographically dispersed areas following mergers and acquisitions.

This sometimes means several repositories containing multiple and redundant subscriber information, leading to a number of challenges, such as:

  • Complicated, time consuming and lengthy service introductions
  • Onerous subscriber management with data inconsistencies
  • Over-investment in repository capacity and increased effort in integration and unification

DUS-I improves cash flow and reduces costs using a common user repository for all subscriber data without having to replace existing applications.

Benefits of ED-T’s DUS

The benefits of a network-wide common user repository with a single provisioning point include:

  • Improve cash flow – with a faster time to market because of more efficient management of subscriber data
  • Minimal operating expenditure – with a single repository there is greatly reduced subscriber administration
  • Optimized capital expenditure – single rather than multiple repositories (with automatic optimization of inactive subscribers) saves memory space.


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