Dispatch Solution

ED-T’s Dispatch solution DIS allows customer care to initiate work orders including all customer details and specific requirements. Dispatch management is able to create teams consisting of technicians with specific skills and plan work orders based on skills required, day, time and location.

Benefits of ED-T’s DIS:

  • Improve Service Quality - get it right first time, right job, right time and right resource
  • Increase Service Revenues - Service more customers per day/week/month
  • Reduce Cost of Service - reduce mileage and overtime, stock holding
  • Improve Management Visibility - optimise and monitor the operation better
  • Improved ROI - Speed up billing and reduce miles travelled by technicians
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty - provide subscribers with real time updates/progress using SMS/text
    and email
  • Extensive Reporting for balance score cards and evaluation purposes
  • In combination with GPS navigation solutions:
    • Improve driver safety - step by step directions, no paper required
    • Automatic reporting of arrival and departure times – extend control over the work force


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