Integration Server ISR

Delivering optimum control - at the lower possible cost of ownership

ISR-III® allows you to operate a controlled and scalable environment in which technical (TV / content distribution) and business support systems can be connected, managed, upgraded and extended in a simple, cost effective and secure manner. It provides tremendous scalability, redundancy, audit-ability, system management, monitoring and automatic alert functionality. ISR-III® provides the highest level of flexibility IT-technology can offer today, including "easy and remote" management and maintenance at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership – giving you complete, unparalleled visibility and control of your business operation.

What's the secret:

Oracle's SOA suite and Application Express are the tools we use as our “Bricks and Mortar”. Using proven Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology from the outset, we provide low-cost, straightforward and "business oriented” integration of systems for greater IT flexibility. ISR-III® delivers effective and successful integration of legacy and non-legacy (web-enabled) applications in any TV / Content Distribution environment. ISR-III® adapts to existing non “standards based” systems. This provides seamless integration of enterprise applications within the operator’s organization, with trading partners or with third party applications and connects these with different distribution networks such as Cable, DSL, DTH and DTT.

Cost saving solution

  • Scalable, dual scalability
  • Short & Easy change cycles

IT management

  • Simple and secure
  • Reduced & uniform interfaces
  • Controlled upgrades, extensions & migrations
  • Remote management

Audit & Control

  • Demarcation between Technical and Business environments
  • Audit trail
  • Uniform reporting
  • Hot back-up for databases


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