Inventory Management INS

Devices service, logistics and refurbishment is a vital part of CSPs operations. ED-T views Inventory Management (INS-I) in a new way — as an opportunity for bottom-line improvements and competitive differentiation—. ED-T's Inventory management solution provides workflow and process management to enable tighter control and enhances security and drives cost savings. Providers must become more supply chain savvy in the management of devices which represent such a large portion of their capital assets.

INS-I uses three main device service strategies:

  • Technician dispatch,
  • Retail swap,
  • Exchange by mail.

INS-I also provides a formal workflow and process for identifying the right number and locations of repair and refurbishment centres. It allows the operator to keep track of the type of hardware and/or serial number for each device. It provides workflow and processes for running a service desk i.e. the customer care agents using the ticketing module, providing details of hardware/software the caller has and if there are specific issues to be dealt with. Coupling (pairing) between device hardware and smart card is also possible.


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