Revenue Management

Convergent Solutions with a Business Focus

Key characteristics of all ED-T’s solutions:

  • Business focus: we develop and deliver with the operator foremost in our minds;
    • Affordable and cost effective
    • Modular designs
    • Pay as you grow
  • Simple and transparent;
    • Industry standards, no proprietary tools
    • Clear licensing and business proposals, investment and SaaS/ASP models
    • Short time to market

All our solutions are based on Oracle databases and Linux OS and do not include any proprietary software, i.e. industry standards that allow full and unlimited access to your data. All our solutions are designed with the operator foremost in our minds with the focus on optimising workflows and processes. In general, we do not replace legacy solutions; only enhance functionality by extending the life of existing solutions.

SUMS-II, device agnostic customer management and billing solution. SUMS-II is a full featured workflow and process orientated solution that can easily be integrated into any MSO environment. SUMS-II can be used as an add-on to any existing billing operation adding functionality such as additional customer data, ticketing, dispatch and inventory management and providing a customer care friendly user interface.

DUS-I, data unification service. DUS-I extracts data from the multiple repositories and provides a single user repository creating a single network wide common repository to 'open up' the data to other applications like web portals and ERP systems to increase data consistency thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

CAMS-I, campaign management solution. CAMS-I enables operators to create workflows for managing and tracking communication between their subscribers informing them of important, relevant and personalised information used for campaign materials (e-mails, pages, forms, SMSs) from both marketing (segmentation and targeted) and revenue management (communication such as payment due reminders).

ISR-III, integration platform. ISR enables operators to run a controlled and scalable OSS/BSS environment in which technical (TV / content distribution) and business support systems can be connected, managed, upgraded and extended in a simple, cost effective and secure manner. It provides tremendous scalability, redundancy, audit-ability, system management, monitoring and automatic alert functionality.

SUMS-SAP solution. This solution was specifically created to integrate SUMS-II with SAP.


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