Subscriber-Device-Event Management & Billing System SUMS

Subscriber, Device and Event Management for Pay Media and Services

Convergence or multi-play has been the name of the game for almost a decade now. Still a promise and definitely a ‘higher stakes’ game for all players. We’ve all set foot on this slippery path crossing the historical “natural” boundaries between the telco and the broadcast world.
Packaging and delivering services over upgraded and convergent networks however is not so easy. Ending up with high costs due to inflexible or archaic legacy systems is often a reality. Long and costly change cycles will typically follow a seemingly endless implementation project that will continue throughout the system life cycle.

What is needed is an affordable, advanced and truly multi-play subscriber management system. This is the area where ED-T excels in: providing cost-effective and quick to market Customer Care and Integration solutions to the digital content and services delivery industry.

The SUMS-II system is the customer management solution with the lowest total cost of ownership available in the market today that is integrated with ANY provisioning system.

SUMS-II is an excellent platform for both starting pay media and those moving to the next level. Its scalability and modularity guarantees that you only purchase what you need without losing any option to expand the system in the future in line with your changing and growing needs.

Basic SUMS-II® functionality can -depending on your needs- be enhanced through the use of Add-on modules, examples of which are:

  • Trouble Ticketing module
  • Dispatch module
  • Billing module
  • Event management
  • Inventory Management
  • Communication module
  • Self Service Web portal, mobile and fixed access
  • 3rd Party System module for full integration with ERP and legacy billing systems
  • Enhanced security, sensitive information like credit card details are stored encrypted




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